Introduction to the Education Development Project II (EDP II)

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EDP II: Contributing to the Advancement of Educational Leadership Excellence in Lebanon

EDP II مشروع الإنماء التربوي الثاني

مشروع الإنماء التربوي الثاني
نحو قيادة تعليمية متميزة في المدارس والثانويات الرسمية في الجمهورية اللبنانية

Welcome to the Education Development Project II (EDP II).

Following a successful application by the Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) to the World Bank, the Ministry received the funds it needed for a comprehensive development program to advance educational leadership in Lebanese public schools.

The Education Development Project II (EDP II) is a comprehensive development program providing school principals and administrators in Lebanon 10 weeks of intensive professional development.

To enhance the prospects for a successful project, MEHE selected partners it could rely on: the world’s No 1 education company Pearson backed up by the local expertise and robust field presence of the Lebanon-based Educational Research Center (ERC).

EDP II is an in-depth program targeting a total of 300 school principals and 900 administrators from across Lebanon. It uses a multi-faceted approach to instill participants with international best practice and embed learning to create meaningful and lasting change in the Lebanese school system.

In the professional development component of the EDP II project, one principal and two administrators from each school complete separate courses related to their roles and work collaboratively as a school leadership team to support the improvement of staff skills, teacher performance, and student achievement. Furthermore, an additional total of 300 principals participate in action research by using the standards and indicators of a self-assessment rubric to assess and reflect on their practices.

The EDP II program focuses on four key areas of a strategic vision to boost the development of leadership capacity for school improvement:

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making for School Improvement
  2. Leadership Teams and Collaborative Ways of Working
  3. Change Management focused on Capacity Building, and
  4. The Lebanese Education Vision and Policy

The EDP II program is tailor-made to develop leadership capacity for school improvement in light of the Lebanese school vision and effective school standards, and to equip Lebanon’s government school leaders with the commitment, understanding, and expertise to deliver lasting school improvement in the years to come.