Lessons from the Field

LESSONS FROM THE FIELD: Vision, goals, attitude, gratitude, opportunity, teamwork, mentors, service, sacrifice, family, home, environment, continuous improvement, abundance of big picture thinking, scarcity of tunnel vision, excellence, commitment, community, global village, and more!

2023 Western Caribbean Journey
Come join me on a virtual tour of my April 2-9, 2023 Western Caribbean journey on Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Come join me on a virtual tour of my April 2-9, 2023 Western Caribbean journey on the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

Watch the body language and listen to the 24-year old janitor from Indonesia on his first contract (6-8 months employment) on the ship working hard, LOVING his job, IMPROVING every day, ENVISIONING becoming a security officer in 5-10 years, and a captain of the ship in 15 years! (vision, goals, attitude, gratitude, opportunity, mentors, service, sacrifice, discipline, family, environment, continuous improvement).

Listen to the 27-year old janitor from Indonesia on his fourth contract, while not very clear about his vision, he was the mentor of his 24-year old colleague (hard work, speaking English, teamwork, mentors, attitude, gratitude, opportunity).

Watch the restaurant manager Zoran from Serbia (mechanical engineer by training) speaking about war in his country and the economy forcing him to leave family and home, and his favorite port of call Serbia, and his vision of going back home to his roots, to his home, to Serbia! (vision, goals, leadership, giving, community, English/bilingual education, Ruby Princess bringing the world together, the global village).

Watch the room service telephone operator Stephen from the Philippines and his room service colleague Rasdy from India. (excellent telephone personality, healthy attitude, willingness to work 12 hours per day vs. 8 hours in the Philippines, teamwork, cooperation, continuous improvement).

Due to dangerous high tides and violent wind, and to ensure the safety of the 3400 passengers and 1000 crew members onboard Ruby Princess, the Captain had to wisely cancel a docking into a planned harbor stop. Assuming that people will see the big picture and understand and appreciate the technical and professional obligations of the captain to give top priority to SAFETY of the passengers and crews, he sent a message notifying everybody of the cancellation of the planned harbor stop. Watch the commotion created by passengers who are either unable or refuse to see the big picture during small inconveniences or minor emergencies!

Also, watch my conversation with the two security officers from India and the Philippines the following day on how I would have included in the Captain’s notification, a reminder and admonition to people to understand and take the small inconvenience resulting from the weather emergency in the context of of the big picture of the entire wonderful cruise experience.

Watch the morning janitors from the Philippines excited and grateful to the opportunity to work on the ship for better income than in their home country! (hard work, sacrifice for family and better life, speaking English).

Watch the janitor from Serbia UNSUPERVISED autographing his work with excellence, meticulously cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the carpets at 5:00 am (commitment vs. compliance).

Enjoy the following majestic beauty photos and videos rendered by the spectacular Ruby Princess Western Caribbean cruise.