Hobbies and Interests

The beauty of Nature! Love of Outdoors and Waters! Walk and hike among trees, flowers, vegetation, creeks, lakes, and rivers.

“Let Nature be your Teacher!”

A Passion for Gardening: Nourishment to the Soul, Mind, and Body.
Nature, flowers, roses, colors, trees, fruits. Source of beauty, hope, generosity, abundance, and optimism. Work in nature and with nature is a blessing from God available to ALL.

الطبيعة الأزهار الورود الألوان الاشجار الثمار.. مصدر الجمال الأمل الكرَم الوُفرَة والتفاؤل. العمل بالطبيعة ومع الطبيعة نعمة من الله لنا جميعاً